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Phobia is no justification for assault

Phobia is no justification for assault

Bruce Kogan

With the joyous news from Washington, D.C. at the end of June, a noteworthy story out of Texas seemed to have gotten lost. But, it’s a sad reminder that there are places in this world and in this country where it is OK to bash gay people and think, with...

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AIDS' impact on American art is apparently still taboo

AIDS' impact on American art is…

Christopher Treacy

You would think that, within the art world at least, stigmas about HIV and AIDS would have petered out years ago. So many of our country's most talented art-world figures are gay, and AIDS has been responsible for huge losses within the community. It just seems like it'd be one...

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Don't leave those that came before us behind

Don't leave those that came before…

Rod Hensel

Challenges still face the LGBT community in the wake of the Supreme Court’s marriage equality decision.  Certainly, civil rights legislation to protect trans persons from structured discrimination, our minors from unnatural rewiring, and everyone in the community from assault is all very important. But, we must not forget the urgent needs of...

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What's taking GENDA so long?

What's taking GENDA so long?

Michael Rizzo and Kristine Hollander

New York’s Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act is less than a handful of promised votes away from having majority support in the Republican-controlled State Senate, but without more GOP backing, it looks to die another slow death during the 2016 legislative session. It seems counter-intuitive, given that GENDA has passed the State...

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Sticking out like a big, gay thumb at Ambush

Sticking out like a big, gay…

Michael Venturiello

Standing at Gigi’s Cucina Povera for Ambush’s bar night on Aug. 21, I quickly realized that I was one of only a few men in the crowd. And with that realization quickly came the sinking feeling: I’m not sure I know how to interact with this group. Ambush, a monthly bar...

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