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Summertime superheroes

Summertime superheroes

Michael Rizzo

Is your bling put away? Who’s holding your purse? Is your wig secured? There’s more to think about in line for Ride of Steel at Darien Lake Amusement Park than height restrictions when you’re a drag queen, but the girls at Club Marcella have it down.  After all, dropping 203 feet at...

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Arts on the fringe

Arts on the fringe

Michael Rizzo

Now in its 11th year, Buffalo Infringement Festival has popularized local “art under the radar.” An oxymoron? Perhaps. But one to which Buffalo’s LGBT community, a subculture pushing more and more into the mainstream, can relate. The 11-day festival, scheduled for July 23 – Aug. 2 at various venues concentrated in...

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The backlash so far and what it means

The backlash so far and what…

Christopher Treacy

From coast to coast, the LGBT community rejoiced in Friday's Supreme Court victory, a historic milestone ruling that affirms the Constitutional right for same-sex couples to marry regardless of where they live. While the dust settles on our newly minted victory, many are waiting to see what sorts of tricks our...

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A walk through the gardens

A walk through the gardens


Garden Walk Buffalo is the largest garden tour in America. Each year, more than 370 private gardens are opened for a free public tour that takes place over two days on the last weekend of July.  Here’s three Buffalo gardens kept by local members of the LGBT community to whom we...

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'This is what full victory looks like'

'This is what full victory looks…

Michael Rizzo

All same-sex couples in the United States have a constitutional right to legally marry and all 50 states are required to allow same-sex marriages. Period. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in favor of marriage equality sometime before May 1, and today, the decision was announced, effectively striking down bans on...

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