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Common Council urges State to pass GENDA

Common Council urges State to pass…

Michael Rizzo

The Buffalo Common Council unanimously adopted a resolution last night urging the New York State Senate to pass the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act. The bill, which passed the State Assembly with a bipartisan majority for the past seven years, would outlaw discrimination based on gender identity or expression and would expand...

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Families seeking families

Families seeking families

Michael Rizzo

Nine-year old Jenna used to come home from school upset back when she was in 3rd grade, her mother Melissa Marshall remembers. This was after Melissa and Jenna’s father had parted ways, and now, Melissa was in a relationship with another woman. “There were some kids bullying her,” Melissa says. “Saying...

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Music reviews: Wilson, Stevens, Rouse

Music reviews: Wilson, Stevens, Rouse

Christopher Treacy

Cassandra Wilson - Coming Forth by Day (Legacy) A- Cassandra Wilson strapped on an unusually large pair of balls for her latest, a tribute to the late Billie Holiday. Ironically, though, it's more a grower than a shower. Released on what would have been the week of Holiday's 100th birthday, Coming...

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Trans students and their rights

Trans students and their rights

Neil Pawlowski

Despite significant progress in the advancement of gay legal rights in America, the legal landscape regarding the rights of transgender individuals has not been as quick to change.  In 2014, the New York State Assembly passed the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act for the seventh straight year with a bipartisan majority. GENDA,...

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The Jenner interview was no circus

The Jenner interview was no circus

Kristine Hollander

Diane Sawyer’s “20/20” interview with Bruce Jenner: It was billed as the interview of the year, and it lived up to its billing. I watched with a mix of trepidation and perhaps even morbid curiosity as Jenner admitted to the world that they are, indeed, a transgender woman. Jenner prefers that...

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