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The great reconciling of religion, belief, faith

The great reconciling of religion, belief,…

Michael Rizzo

Longtime local LGBT advocate Thomas Gleed was raised in the Catholic Church, and he went to parochial school. That meant that by age 9, he was learning Latin and working toward becoming an altar boy. He hadn’t yet been confirmed, but like his family, he was deeply religious, and he...

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Until Death Do Us Part

Until Death Do Us Part

Michael Rizzo

The story of marriage equality, as told by an undying love…  Carl Schultz was grocery shopping in Nov. 2011 when he got the call from his husband, George Ferry. Six years had passed since George was diagnosed with carcinoid syndrome, a rare group of symptoms related to cancerous neuro-endocrine tumors in...

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Must we drink to socialize?

Must we drink to socialize?

Scott Ruppert

I often get asked the question, “Why don’t you drink?” That one is easy. It just doesn’t taste good to me.  I have tried it all — from beer to wine to mixed drinks — but nothing tastes good to the point that I really want to drink it. Even those...

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$1,000s in local LGBT scholarships go unclaimed every year - Why?

$1,000s in local LGBT scholarships go…

Michael Rizzo

It was late 2011 when Marvin Henchbarger, executive director of Gay and Lesbian Youth Services, first announced a new scholarship fund for local LGBT youth.  Dr. Hank Mann, a prominent educator at Buffalo State College, who died in November of that year, bequeathed $5,000 to the organization — to be disbursed...

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Buffalo's bar scene, unqueered

Buffalo's bar scene, unqueered

Dana McKnight

Once when I was a wee little mite, I sauntered into the old (old) Club Marcella’s with naught but a bad weave and a dream, gasping at the sight my thirsty young eyes beheld: a zesty tribe dancing hard under dazzling strobe lights to the hard dance tracks of the...

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