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LGB reaction to Jenner's ESPY award is appalling

LGB reaction to Jenner's ESPY award…

Lyndsey D'Arcangelo

As a sports fan, I watched the ESPY’s last night. As a gay person, I was delighted to see Abby Wambach sitting in the audience next to her wife, as well as a host of other lesbian athletes from the United States National Team being celebrated for their achievements. As a human...

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Trans protest at Cathode Ray spawns community discussion

Trans protest at Cathode Ray spawns…

Christopher Treacy

"John: We have the right to use the john!" It was just one of several chants heard echoing down Allen Street on the evening of July 20 as protesters gathered to rally against what's been characterized as unfair treatment toward a transgender customer at Cathode Ray on July 16. Billie Matthews, 25,...

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Eagles remind us why they're a mainstay

Eagles remind us why they're a…

Christopher Treacy

As the band rapidly approaches its 45th anniversary, it's safe to say that Eagles aren't here to reinvent the wheel. Whatever your feelings about the soft rock mainstays, the Eagles (technically just 'Eagles,' like Eurythmics and Pretenders) are already pioneers, giving birth to the laid-back Southern California sound that emerged...

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A revision of LGBT history via Artvoice?

A revision of LGBT history via…

Michael Rizzo

Local longtime LGBT activists are calling into question the validity of a source quoted in an Artvoice story that ran in the June 11 edition, one of them calling the quote a “revisionist history” of former Buffalo Mayor Jimmy Griffin’s homophobic legacy.Dig a little deeper into that story, and it...

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Urban container gardening with Daniel Seiders

Urban container gardening with Daniel Seiders

Daniel Seiders

Living in a city is one of the most sustainable choices you can make. The more people we can pack into dense, walkable, urban neighborhoods, the more efficiently we can fulfill our basic human needs, all while burning fewer fossil fuels. In order to encourage dense city living, cities need...

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