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The Internet is for (Amateur) Porn

The Internet is for (Amateur) Porn

Christopher Treacy

OPINION:If you're thinking pornography is a one shot deal, think again. The world of internet porn continues to splinter and mutate at rapid rates, and the circulating data might surprise you. For instance, approximately 30 percent of all internet traffic is related to pornography. That's between every third and fourth person...

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Let's Talk About Sex!

Let's Talk About Sex!

Michael Rizzo

Colleen Dunphy wants to be dominated. She wants to take orders. She wants a master. “When my master gives me a command, I’m going to follow it,” she says. If that sounds like something out of 50 Shades of Gray, don’t tell Dunphy. The 34-year-old erotica author and local burlesque dancer hates...

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Robotika Hosts Hit Drag Cabaret in Hamburg

Robotika Hosts Hit Drag Cabaret in…

Michael Rizzo

Robotika 2Kay first became a cast member at Club Marcella in 2001, but she’s been performing for 17 years, and she never disappoints in bringing something unique to the stage. Her flair for over-accentuating what otherwise lurks in the dark made her Freak Show Friday’s multiyear run at the club’s old...

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Celebrating the Sex at the Root of Our Sexuality

Celebrating the Sex at the Root…

Michael Rizzo

At some point a decade or two ago, marriage equality advocates realized they weren’t going to get what they wanted until they took gay people out of the bedroom and placed them around the dining room table like everyone else. And that’s fair. Gay people do actually eat dinner every day....

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The Pink Elephant in Our Favorite Band

The Pink Elephant in Our Favorite…

Obsidian B.

I became a patron of Buffalo’s musical arts scene when I was 14 years old. Having a place where I could go to listen and express myself to indie singer–songwriters or multiple variations of rock music was a huge priority. You could definitely find my little brown face at just...

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