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Know your status, always

Know your status, always

Michael Rizzo

OPINION: We’re about to dedicate half an issue to a tiny blue pill and something called Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, or PrEP, the biggest breakthrough in HIV prevention ever.  It’s true: PrEP works if you take it every day. Period. If you are HIV-negative, educating yourself about this unmatched pharmaceutical advancement is one of the...

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The lighter side of my transition

The lighter side of my transition

Kristine Hollander

OPINION:  Being the late bloomer that I have become, I have learned that figuring out how to be a woman in today’s world is not as easy as some people think.  At the tender age of 46, I took on the challenges, struggles, heartaches and joys of transition. Beyond the reality that...

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Laverne Cox gives platform to trans issues at UB

Laverne Cox gives platform to trans…

Lyndsey D'Arcangelo

While the GOP Presidential Debate aired on CNN on Sept. 18, Laverne Cox commanded the podium on stage at Alumni Arena as the kickoff speaker for the University at Buffalo’s 2015-16 Distinguished Speaker Series. Cox stood tall and elegant, maintaining poise and eye contact with the crowd as she spoke —...

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Uncovered Finds Colvin Shining Bright

Uncovered Finds Colvin Shining Bright

Christopher Treacy

Shawn Colvin - Uncovered (Fantasy) 8.7 Twenty years on from Cover Girl, Shawn Colvin returns with Uncovered, and it's one of those rare occurrences where the sequel outshines its predecessor. Cover Girl has some lovely moments, but a number of the tracks got weighted down with ornamental production that added little...

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John Grant's Got Grey Tickles and Black Pressure

John Grant's Got Grey Tickles and…

Christopher Treacy

John Grant - Grey Tickles, Black Pressure (Partisan) 8.8    Take heart: Grey Tickles, Black Pressure is the sound of John Grant lightening up. It's by far the most accomplished and rewarding of the gay crooner's three solo discs, while still managing to be plenty angry and embittered. The former Czars...

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