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Allow me to introduce mySelfie. I’m a graduate student at St. Bonaventure University, a life-long resident of Western New York, and a member of the local LGBT community.

My husband and I live in the suburbs, which sometimes makes me feel distant from our community’s hub in Allentown. 

Not that long ago, Patrick and I enjoyed frequenting Allentown bars, restaurants and theaters on a regular basis. But life got really busy really fast, and nights out were spent closer to home, or more often, not out at all — myself in a textbook and he binging on Netflix. 

As I continue my pursuit of a master’s degree in integrated marketing and communications, I was recently faced with the challenge of choosing a thesis project that would exemplify and demonstrate all that I have learned. That project was to develop a marketing strategy for a business or non-profit organization of my choosing.

And that’s when I reconnected with an old college friend — the editor of this magazine — who I used to work with for The Record at Buffalo State College. You may have noticed that during the past couple of months, Loop Magazine has been asking you to take a survey. I’m the guy behind it.

I developed the survey as a first step in helping to improve Loop Magazine for you, the readers. This magazine is your community resource, and Michael Rizzo and everyone that contributes to it on a monthly basis hope to see it thrive so that the LGBT community in Buffalo continues to have a voice.

I say continues, because Loop is not the first foray into our niche set of readers. It follows in the footsteps of Outcome Buffalo, Alternative Expressions and Fifth Freedom — the trailblazers in local LGBT media. It’s important to acknowledge the people and publications that laid the foundation for where Loop Magazine is today.

However, Loop aims to make its own mark — different from queer-friendly publications of the past — by putting the focus on LGBT lifestyles, while still reporting on important political and social movements in the community. 

Founded in 2011, the magazine is young and has much learning and growth to do to be exactly the publication our community needs it to be. That’s where you can help by participating in the survey.

Taking on this project is, in a way, my way of trying to reconnect with #LGBTBuffalo. I hope through my efforts with this project, my husband and I will start branching out more and building more relationships within the community. 

Thanks for helping me with the survey!

Steven Jagord is a graduate student and the editor of the Clarence Bee.

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